Duterte killed himself traffickers

Duterte killed himself traffickers

World December 14, 2016 09:03

- Rodrigo Duterte has the time he was mayor of Davao personally dealt with drug criminals. The current president of the Philippines was riding a motorcycle through the streets and murdered criminals to show his police how you did that.

Duterte said in a speech that he drove by Davao 'seeking confrontation, so I could kill. 'The president is an avid opponent of drug crime. Since the end of June he accepted the highest office, would be slain for 5,000 criminals across the country.

From the time he was president and his election promise adamant about carrying out the expulsion of criminals, he can count on worldwide criticism. Including the United Nations and the United States turned against him. But Duterte reacted with scorn on US President Obama.

In October Duterte compared himself to Adolf Hitler. He said with love want to deal with three million drug addicts in the Philippines.

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