Dutch people in Bali must register

Dutch people in Bali must register

World September 26, 2017 13:39

den haag/denpasar - Due to a possible volcanic eruption in Bali, Dutchmen on the island are doing well to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. People can do that at the 24/7 contact center. Even those who intend to go to the Indonesian island, the Dutch Embassy receives the advice to register.

About 50,000 people have fled from fear of an outbreak of the Agung. According to the Indonesian authorities, the volcano, in northeastern Bali, can break out any moment. Everyone in a 12 kilometer radius around the volcano must leave the area.

'For the rest of the island, such as the popular holiday areas in the south, there is no warning yet. The airport and the ports are open. That could change and it's up to you to prepare for it '', let the embassy know the Dutch. They also get advice on managing travel documents, monitoring local media and following directions from travel agents and authorities.

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