Drunk Monkey goes barbering seekers attacked

Drunk Monkey goes barbering seekers attacked

World February 19, 2016 16:21

- The capuchin monkey drank the glass with a little bit of rum a few guests in a Brazilian bar, which felt the visitors still amusing. But when the animal totally drunk suddenly grabbed a knife and went for the guests, there was general panic in the cafe.

It was not just a knife, because it had a dangerous blade of 30 centimeters. The remarkable thing was that the monkey ignored the female visitors only went after the men. Miraculously, no one was injured.

The fire caught the animal and left it outside the village Paraiba free. But the monkey returned, still drunk, just back and started street passers bother. The fire caught him for the second time and handed the capuchin this time to a natural institution that examines whether the animal in captivity can live better now, as various media report.

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