Dropbox allows change old passwords

Dropbox allows change old passwords

Tech August 26, 2016 11:21

- Users of cloud storage service Dropbox password that dates from before mid-2012, the next time they have to change their login password. Dropbox lets you know that it is a preventive measure. To our knowledge there would not be any unauthorized access to customer accounts.

According to TechCrunch, the measure due to the LinkedIn hack in 2012. In May it was announced that addresses and passwords of 117 million LinkedIn accounts were seized, were put online at the hack. Although it is old data, passwords are often modified and used for other accounts.

Dropbox announces itself to its own security team arrested a bunch of old Dropbox data stemming from an 'incident' in 2012. When was the service calls from users who suddenly received spam addresses they used solely for Dropbox.
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Research showed then that user names and passwords were stolen 'from other websites', were also used for Dropbox accounts. With such a stolen password was also obtained access to an account of an employee Dropbox containing addresses of users. Burglary led to the spam.

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