Drone hinders rescue helicopter in case of house fire

Drone hinders rescue helicopter in case of house fire

World January 29, 2018 17:06

sankt georgen - A drone owner has bothered a rescue helicopter on Sunday with his gadget during an aid action in the village of Sankt Georgen in the German Black Forest.

The drone was a relief worker at the moment they wanted to take off to take a 77-year-old, seriously injured victim of a home fire to the hospital, reports DPA. Agents finally managed to track down the drone pilot, but did not reveal anything about his identity or motives.

The helicopter flight ultimately did not delay. The drone did, however, cause irritation among the emergency services. The authorities are investigating whether the drone pilot violated air traffic rules with his action.

Drones disturb emergency services more often. During a natural fire in Canada in August, fire service helicopters were forced to land because many drones flew near the disaster area.

Civil aviation is also affected by the popular gadget. The unmanned airplanes of hobbyists around airports regularly come dangerously close to passenger planes. The international aviation organization IATA sounded the alarm about this problem this autumn.

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