Dozens of companies escaped mail fraud

Dozens of companies escaped mail fraud

Tech June 29, 2016 15:00

apeldoorn - Quick action by the police, the National Cyber ​​Security Centre (NCSC), the banks and the Fraud Helpdesk has several dozen Dutch companies for so-called contraceptives CEO fraud. That came after a tip that there were dozens of fraud mails sent to companies, the Fraud Helpdesk reports.

CEO at fraud will send criminals in the name of the director of a company (CEO) a mail to a financial executive from another company to ask if you can pay an urgent bill. It usually involves significant amounts and counterfeit bills.

The mails sent from a domain that closely resembles that of legitimate businesses. They are very credible, said the Fraud Helpdesk.
     'New images explosion Istanbul'
     'Explosion Istanbul filmed'
     'Juncker arrogant and inappropriate '

A large number of companies had recognized the mails as fraudulent, but some companies had already waiting payments according to police. They could still be canceled.

'It is important that companies remain vigilant because the fraud emails are still in circulation,' emphasizes the Fraud Helpdesk.

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