'Downward gaze ', your new Insta-trend

'Downward gaze ', your new Insta-trend

Tech February 21, 2017 13:42

amsterdam - Maybe you got it- already made- either consciously just unconscious; the new pose that you should be seen on Instagram: the 'downward gaze. This lets you shoot yourself while you look down. And this position must look natural as spontaneous as possible. It seems to become the social trend of the moment.

It is important in any case that you're not looking straight into the camera lens, but obliquely downward. Want to make a perfect 'downward gaze? Look a little hard and pretend you are looking for something.

Instagram stars like Kylie Jenner, yoga star Sjanna Earp and swimwear designer Pia Muehlenbeck on social media spotted in the pose. With their millions of viewers on social media, you will not be the only ones the 'downward gaze 'tries.

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