'Double surname fair to both parents'

'Double surname fair to both parents'

World November 14, 2016 09:48

amsterdam - Children should be given the name of both parents, to give a fairer picture of their origin. Which aims Amsterdam Laura Kraak, on Tuesday in parliament hands over a petition about it.

Crack will give the Dutch system name where the child gets the surname of one parent, obsolete. 'Research by the magazine We young parents shows that 87 percent still choose the surname of the father. But the child is of two parents. '

Crack has in mind that people have more than two surnames. 'So when they get married or even have a child, they have to make a choice. In countries like Spain have children then still the name of the grandfather, but that's not fair. I want the choice is clear. '

The petition received 4,000 signatures, far from sufficient to ensure treatment in parliament. Cracking 'D66 is there in favor of, but who want to protrude out their necks for. I hope that the petition does not disappear in a drawer. '

Crack is certain that the Netherlands will eventually get used to the idea of ​​double surnames. 'This is going to happen in the Netherlands, I am convinced. '

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