Dossier: Why the dga tax falls so badly

Dossier: Why the dga tax falls so badly

World September 22, 2018 09:32

- Thousands of smaller entrepreneurs with their own company will receive an additional tax assessment. The director-major shareholder (dga) who lends more than € 500,000 to his own company, with the 'dga tax', will raise the state treasury with € 1.8 billion. Entrepreneurs are surprised and furious. How could this happen? Read the file about this SME tax.

It concerns 23,000 entrepreneurs, who together have a debt of € 30 billion to their own companies. They use this money among other things to supplement their income, sometimes also to pay a mortgage from their own means.

Read here what exactly this taxation means.

The levy that emerged in the cabinet plans is already bad for the entrepreneurs in the short term. They responded massively. At MKB Nederland it still rains complaints from these smaller entrepreneurs.

'What an incredible wrong timing and what an abrupt measure', says foreman Jacco Vonhof.

There is also a tumult in politics. This tax is much worse for entrepreneurs than members of the coalition had. The government is still coming up with a detailed proposal for taxation.

The employers' club VNO-NCW, in constant consultation with the cabinet, was completely unhappy due to the tumult about the surprise. But CEO Hans de Boer denies that the plans come from his sleeve. In fact, VNO-NCW has struggled against the effects of this tax for many years, he says.

Incidentally, tax specialists find it questionable that the DSAs are paying for a gap in the budget.

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