Door in Grenfell Tower collapsed too quickly

Door in Grenfell Tower collapsed too quickly

World March 15, 2018 19:06

london - Detectives investigating the devastating fire in the London Grenfell Tower have revealed that the front door of one of the apartments on the lower floors, which did not fall prey to the flames, did not meet the safety requirements. The door that was tested should have stopped the fire for half an hour but collapsed after a quarter of an hour.

Minister of Housing Sajid Javid has promised the British parliament Thursday that the government has commissioned more trials, according to The Guardian magazine. The government has formed a group of experts to view the fire safety regulations and give advice to improve them. Javid said that there is no evidence that everywhere the hand is lifted with fire-resistant measures and prevention.

Seventy-five people lost their lives last June due to the fire in the 67-meter high building.

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