Donors Taliban quit because civilian deaths

Donors Taliban quit because civilian deaths

World November 29, 2016 14:09

kabul - The Taliban in Afghanistan are in financial dire straits. Although the extremist group posted last year military successes, hooks lenders off according to Taliban members who spoke with The Guardian. 'The war is beginning to be unpopular with all the negative publicity about civilian casualties,' said a former Taliban diplomat Rahmatullah Kakazada opposite the British newspaper.

'People who give money, do not spend it on landmines that kill children. 'Kakazada state according to The Guardian in close contact with the leadership of the Taliban. He belongs to the camp for peace negotiations.

While reports of civilian deaths deter foreign lenders have also reduced income from drug trafficking. That would have everything to do with internal divisions. In southern Afghanistan, where most of the poppy is grown, a Mullah has to say that few interests at the current leadership of the Islamist movement. He sends according to an intelligence source of money to the central government.

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