Donald Trump : no more Muslims in the country (2)

Donald Trump : no more Muslims in the country (2)

World December 8, 2015 00:42

- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants,null, a total and complete stop '' of all Muslims entering the United States. In a statement Monday he was distributing to the media Trump said that opinion polls,null, hatred '' show of Muslims toward Americans that could lead to more attacks.

,null, Without looking at the different dates of the polls, it is clear to everyone that this hatred is incomprehensible, '' said Trump.,null, Where does this hatred come from and why is something that we have to determine. ''Trump:,null, Until we are able to understand the problem and the dangerous threat posed by it, may our country are not victims of horrific attacks by people who believe in jihad and who have no sense of reason and respect for human life. ''Trump's remarks come after last week a man and a woman in California's San Bernardino fourteen people were shot dead. One of the culprits had announced himself for the attack as a supporter of the terrorist organization Islamic State. The two perpetrators were Muslims.In response to the statements by Trump said an official of the Council on American-Islamic Relations:,null, We have now reached the world of fascism. ''The White House said that the statement of Trump about Muslims is contrary to American values ​​and national security interests.

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