Donald Trump looks straight into the sun during eclips

Donald Trump looks straight into the sun during eclips

World August 22, 2017 07:00

washington - Did US President Donald Trump really watch the sun without the special eclipse goggles when the moon shook? The answer is yes.

The president, along with his wife Melania and their son Baron, watched the total eclipse from the balcony of the White House, which held hundreds of thousands of Americans in recent times. Although almost everyone knows that it is dangerous for your eyes to look at the natural phenomenon without appropriate glasses, Trump seemed to have forgotten that.

The official report of the White House shows that Trump looked at the sun at the peak of the eclips around 14:39. He spoke to an influenced audience, on which he was to heaven and without spectacles watching the spectacle. One of his staff members would have shouted at him: 'Do not look!' A little while later, the president and his family decided to set up a protective spectacle.

Why is it dangerous to look straight in the sun during an eclipse? The sunlight can damage the retina irreparably, resulting in permanent blindness or short sightedness. Somebody who looks in the sun without glasses does not feel pain because the retina has no painful nerves. You will not notice until after a few hours when evil has already happened. According to Tjeerd de Faber, pediatric eye doctor at The Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam, one of the usual sunglasses (which Melania initially wore, saved.) Insufficiently protects.

During a solar eclipse, the moon stands between the sun and the earth, thus retaining the light of the sun. As a result, Monday became a dark day in the middle of the day. Only the radius of the sun was still visible. Many of the Dutch, including eclipse hunter Gert Cazemier, fled to America this week to meet that.

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