Donald J. Trump: Barrel full of contradictions

Donald J. Trump: Barrel full of contradictions

World November 9, 2016 07:24

amsterdam - He was as a television presenter and one of the world's most famous businessmen already notorious for his braggadocio, his exaggerations and expertly playing the media, but when Donald John Trump on June 16 last year on the steps of his Trump Tower in New York are shy announced for the presidency, he threw overboard all American democratic traditions.

From that day he drilled flawlessly 'away with the elite'- sentiment among Americans angry towards Washington. Like a chameleon, he showed himself the one time of his charismatic side, then struck again people off, he was both elitist and populist, he turned effortlessly coarse and devout alternating with each other. Meanwhile, he gave shape to what he called 'a movement', though he did not campaign on behalf of the Republican Party.

He knew enthusiastic crowds to bring the leg where he was hailed as 'Trump says what everyone thinks,' a cry that goes through populist Europe for years. For his critics, he was a misogynist, ill-informed, onpresidentieel, racist hypocrite, a demagogue and a violent womanizer. Something he denied himself.

In just ten months, managed to deal with all Trump Republican opponents and become the first presidential candidate without any administrative experience since Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 50s. During the primaries he knew a record Republicans to get on his side but then explained all the basics for a split in the party.

His next race against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was marked by quarrels and dismissed within his staff, allegations that he had sexually assaulted women and unproven claim that Clinton and the media would steal the election.

Many were downright shocked when he said he would not accept without the results of the elections more like he would lose, hence an over 200 year old tradition of nonviolent transfer of power putting in the garbage. And once elected he would like President Clinton put his opponent under lock and key for an email scandal that was no scandal.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

His campaign took a very rude turn when there is an audio recording surfaced in which he said he just assaulted women and came away because he was rich and famous. Trump said afterwards that he had not thought this and never did, but then dived nearly twenty women who claimed he had assaulted them indeed.

His message was mainly that the US was in decline. The country had succumbed to greedy businessmen the jobs of American workers for their profits were sacrificed to Mexico and China and to corrupt politicians who dared not fight the Islamic State. Trump, and only Trump, was able to make a clean sweep.

He was due to his personality, his business acumen and his negotiating skills make America great again. How that remained vague. No matter whether it was recovering jobs from China or building a wall on the border with Mexico and that country there to pay for it.

Trump put himself as the ultimate success story. He had managed to collect Mooste women of the world, three of them married, had his own reality show on TV and skyscrapers built with his name in gold letters on it. According to him, everything in his life the largest, most successful, the best and the finest ever.

His critics, on the other hand insisted that he just had not gone bankrupt, his failed adventure with Atlantic City casinos and misplaced pride in the fact that he had already paid for years not a penny tax.

Trump was a mass of contradictions. He promised to bring jobs back from China was only there to exploit a clothing line. He wiped the floor with politicians who fell to the power of capital but was proud of the fact that he himself had bought in Washington 'influence'.

He would make all illegal immigrants off the land, but there appeared wide use / abuse of to have made in the construction of his Trump Towers. No man had so much respect for women like him, he said, but that did not stop him from himself extremely condescending to comment on women who contradicted him, as experienced by the TV presenter Megyn Kelly with his remark that blood flowed 'from all its apertures '.

To his staff he proved difficult to keep in check. He often spoke off the cuff, expressed regularly allegations without even come up with a shred of evidence and frequently bragged about himself. He would have amassed $ 10 billion, but the business magazine Forbes did not go beyond 3.7 billion. At best.

Notorious was his insinuation that gun owners have had an opportunity to dissuade Clinton to appoint a court that would restrict their right arms. Equally notorious was his nocturnal tweets in which he anyone of anything and everything accused and insulted. The New York Times counted in ten months time 282 personal insults.

For its supporters it all did not matter. They remain standing despite everything behind him. Trump himself said about him in broad daylight could commit murder on the wildly busy 5th Avenue in New York and his constituents would continue to support him. Where he appeared to have completely right.

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