Dog with Santa hat is animal cruelty

Dog with Santa hat is animal cruelty

World December 17, 2015 22:30

london - Your dog a cheeky Christmas hat up for a nice picture on Facebook or Instagram. Hilarity and likes guaranteed, so it seems. On social media these days, then come again some pictures of past owners who already have their quadruped into the Christmas mood. But according to the British animal welfare, this is not cute or innocent, but pure animal cruelty.

,, We want to be a sour plums, and we are not the fashion police, but a dog around Christmas package can be quite frightening, 'warns a spokesman for the RSPCA, the British animal welfare organization.

Even people that their dog just as the picture up a crazy Christmas hat, according to the organization wrong.,, Our general position is that people should never, never to dress their dogs. '

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