'Dog who owns death bite to the crack'

'Dog who owns death bite to the crack'

World September 12, 2017 14:00

- The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who owns a death bite to the eyes of a BBC camera crew, had presumably taken drugs. Research has shown that large amounts of crack and morphine have been found in the dog Major's urine.

Mario Perivoitos died in his home in northern London in March. The incident was not recorded on cameras.

A statement from the parish court reveals that Major's behavior may be explained by the large amount of drugs. 'It is very likely that the dog has taken drugs, probably by eating it. It is impossible to say that the dog therefore attacked his owner, but he responded abnormally, leaving veterinarian and toxicologist Nicholas Carmichael on to the Daily Mail.

'Dogs are very excited about it,' said Carmichael. 'It is more likely that the attack took place because the dog had taken cocaine. '

It was the producer of the program to deduct Major from his owner, but it was too late. The emergency services were also called by the camera crew. Perivoitos had lost too much blood. He later died in the hospital.

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According to judge Andrew Walker, Perivoitos had also taken cocaine. 'Presumably, he also had an epileptic shock, causing the dog to bite him in his face and then in his neck. '

Walker thanked BBC's camera team for their efforts to rescue Perivoitos. According to the investigation, the police said she would like to let Dog Major sleep.

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