DIY -smart watch proves popular

Tech October 14, 2015 16:52

- Such smart watch is a funny gadget , but what if you want a combination of features that are currently not yet available ? The Blocks- smart watch allows users to make a smart clock itself together from different parts.

The watch itself is standard and not adapt. On the screen are shown notifications, sleep rhythms can be tracked them there, voice commands can be given and it holds via a motion sensor in activity. The idea is that carriers also buy links for the tape, each with a different function. Thus, on the Blocks page on Kickstarter - which the creators of money for the development and production collection - discussed a module for measuring the heart rate, extend battery life out of a GPS module.

These will be readily available to buyers. Later need to come out modules to scan fingerprints, to use a sim card for 4G and to add a programmable button. The core watch costs via Kickstarter $ 195 (€ 170). The modules must be at around $ 30 each will cost. A package of four modules cost $ 285 (€ 250). According to the makers of the first units to be delivered in May 2016.

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