Divisions in NATO on Russia

World July 8, 2016 17:24

warsaw - NATO member states expressed Friday not united on the central topic of the Summit in Warsaw. Despite the call from US President Barack Obama and leaders of the European Union together to form a block against Russia, as always sounded different sounds.

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowksi said it is not up to Russia to respond to the NATO summit, but NATO that needs to respond to Russia's actions in Ukraine among others. French President Francois Hollande took just shows that Russia as a partner should be seen not as a threat.

These opposing positions in recent months were already raised when the EU countries took council to extend economic sanctions against Russia. Also at the NATO summit grades were not closed.
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Netherlands as often took an intermediate position. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Friday in the Polish capital that NATO needs Russia approached in two ways: with the fist to show the willingness to defense and at the same time with the hand outstretched to show willingness to engage in dialogue. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel dropped out in similar terms.

The Western alliance is four multinational battalions camp in Poland and the Baltic states, who fear Russian aggression. Netherlands and Belgium go places two soldiers in Lithuania, under German command.

The Kremlin said the suggestion that a threat Friday,, absurd and short-sighted. '

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