'Disunity British government slows Brexit '

'Disunity British government slows Brexit '

World November 15, 2016 09:06

london - The British government is disagreement about how the Brexit must be addressed. The broadcaster BBC and The Times newspaper have a memo on the side of Prime Minister May had to face, stating that there is no fixed strategy for leaving the European Union.

It looks as though there is no concrete steps yet to be taken over the next six months. Several ministries are currently working on more than five hundred Brexit projects and have 30 000 civil servants committed to working out the plans.

The cabinet of the prime minister declared Tuesday that it 'can not recognize the contents of the memo. 'This is not a report from the government. We are engaged in preparing a successful implementation of the Brexit 'said a spokesman. According to media reports, the memorandum entitled 'Brexit Update' and dated November 7th. The text would also appear that May tends to attract a lot of things to himself.

The prime minister has promised the end of March to initiate the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which the departure of the British from the EU formally put into operation.

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