'Dismissal officials threatened to gain Trump '

'Dismissal officials threatened to gain Trump '

World July 20, 2016 08:00

cleveland - Donald Trump's campaign draws up a list of government employees made redundant as a Republican wins the election. That said, an ally of the presidential candidate, Chris Christie, during a meeting with dozens of donors.

,, As you know by his other career; Donald likes to fire people, 'Christie said, according to an audio recording which is owned by Reuters. The Governor of New Jersey is the head of a team to prepare the transition from Trump for the White House.

Trump advisers fear that officials appointed by President Barack Obama, will soon be hired as civil servants. That makes it more difficult to dismiss them as Trump is in the White House.,, That call them dig in, 'sneered Christie.
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It would be, inter alia, a priority in order to replace the drivers of environmental service EPA. The governor has proposed in his own words to ask Congress to change the law so that officials can later be easily dismissed.

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