'Digi Bete 'boss helps fraudster

'Digi Bete 'boss helps fraudster

Tech June 3, 2016 04:57

amstelveen - The average Dutch fraudster is a lot younger than his fellow criminals abroad. He makes his raids moreover relatively frequent use of computers and the Internet, where his older boss usually has not eaten cheese.

According to a global survey by accountancy giant KPMG, which held 750 frauds at companies in 78 countries against the light. According to Jack Council, head of KPMG's forensic department and his colleague Caroline Miller put the increasing use of technology among companies the door wide open for the growing group of young fraudsters.

'A quarter of the fraud is currently using technology such as counterfeiting in the administration or deception by e-mail,' says Miller. The Council adds that often inadequate internal controls. 'As a result, employees are given the opportunity to highlight the many. And inadequate controls again because the top of the company often is older and does not understand the technology risks '.
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The vast majority of the crooks are otherwise men over forty, which in turn is associated with their generally high managerial or executive position in the company that they have a leg turned out. But Miller sees that women are catching up beside the advancing young computer nerds. 'We are seeing more and more women defraud, although usually much pilfer smaller amounts than men. They also appear to act more often in financial need, while greed in men is the main driver. '

The investigated fraudsters usually walked (44 percent) against the lamp because a colleague or accomplice betrayed their practices to the boss. 'Click is determined in our country are not appreciated, but it is effective against fraud. Excessively expensive cars happen to fall on to my colleagues, 'says the Council. Also notable is the great regularity (14 percent) that fraudsters were accidentally exposed. This is done according to Miller especially for unplanned absenteeism. 'At illness the function of the fraudster will be temporarily filled by a substitute. Who then meets with foreign affairs in the administration and thus the game is over. '

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