Denying Armenian Genocide legal

Denying Armenian Genocide legal

World October 15, 2015 20:37

strasbourg - It is allowed to deny the Armenian genocide, thus , the European Court of Human Rights. The Turkish nationalist Dogu Perinçek was acquitted after the Armenian genocide " an international lie" called .

Perinçek fought the decision to the Swiss court after he also appealed condemned for denying genocide a criminal offense in Switzerland. However, the Court believes that Switzerland freedom of expression is not respected. Perinçek, leader of the nationalist Turkish Workers' Party, the Armenian genocide denied repeatedly during public speeches in Switzerland in 2005.

The Swiss is the Armenian genocide comparable to the Holocaust, and also the Swiss believe that there is political and scientific evidence for the systematic murder Armenians from 1915. The Court did not agree with it, and asks that the Swiss judges are too lax with the fundamental right to freedom of expression.

Number of victims betwistHet number of Armenians left that life is challenged during the First World War. The Ottoman government expelled Armenians into the desert, where a large part of them massacred. Turkey, however, that this is not genocide, and estimates that there were between 300.000 and 500.000 "war victims".

Other sources speak of 1.5 million Armenian deaths. Genocide denial ingewikkeldIn 2001 the European Union agreed on banning all forms of genocide, but this bill did not make it because parliamentarians with the freedom of expression were in their stomach.

Many European countries ban Holocaust denial does. In the Netherlands several times gediscussierd on banning denial of the Armenian Genocide, but bans it never occurred due to pressure from the Turkish electorate, and not to damage the relationship with Turkey (a NATO member). Prime Minister Mark Rutte said earlier "wanting to take sides" this year about the Armenian genocide.

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