Democrats party chairman booed

Democrats party chairman booed

World July 25, 2016 15:57

- The chairman of the US Democratic Party booed Monday leading up to the Democratic convention. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is under fire because of leaked emails showing that the party she led was trying to favor behind the scenes Hillary Clinton in the primaries at the expense of Bernie Sanders. She submitted her resignation, but leaves after the convention.

Wasserman Schultz took the floor Monday at a breakfast for all delegates from Florida, the state which it also is in Congress. Part of the audience raised his dissatisfaction with the party chairman, however, not hide.,, Shame, shame, '' was partly chanted. Wasserman Schultz, however, want to know not surrender and indicated between now and Election Day on November 8 itself to want to use every day for the election.

The emails, which were captured by hackers and published by Wikileaks, shows that to settle the President and her faithful in the party's primaries tried in favor of Clinton. In one of the emails was suggested to draw the Jewish faith Sanders in doubt and thus voters in states believer to put on him.
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Wasserman Schultz left following the emails managed to leave, but she still wants to continue to play a role at the convention, and even speak on the first and last day. Meanwhile, the call is not to give her any sprekersrol at the convention louder.,, Debbie has worked hard, but she's very stubborn and they want to finish this, '' said Ed Rendell, former governor of Pennsylvania.,, I think that is not good for her, and not for us. ''

People inside the Sanders camp saw Wasserman Schultz has long not sit. They complained last year about it in their eyes small number of debates between Sanders and Clinton and the way they were planned. As one of the debates took place in the weekend before Christmas, something the audience and thus the chances of an underdog Sanders did not benefit, as argued his supporters.

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