Dead by brutal robbery house Germany

World November 29, 2017 12:18

laubach-gonterskirchen - The German police have started a manhunt on six robbers who have tormented a couple in the town of Laubach-Gonterskirchen for four hours in their home and killed the owner of the house. They then set the house on fire. The couple's wife could be rescued from the burning building.

The 57-year-old man and his 59-year-old wife were overpowered by six disguised criminals on their arrival on Tuesday evening. Then they were tormented for hours by the six who were looking for money and valuables. After the departure of the robbers early Wednesday morning the woman could call for help after which the neighbors alerted the police.

The fire brigade later found the lifeless body of the man in the burnt-out cellar of the house. How he got to his end is not known. A rental car that the perpetrators had used was later found near the house. The police think they fled further in the couple's car.

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