'Daughter British baron murdered in the Philippines'

'Daughter British baron murdered in the Philippines'

World September 20, 2016 09:03

- "The daughter of a British baron's last Sunday shot dead in the Philippine capital Manila. The 45-year-old Maria Aurora Moynihan is yet another victim of the war on drugs."

"The woman's body was found on September 11 on the street with a note beside it. It read: \"Drug dealers for celebrities, you're next. \""

"The daughter of Antony Moynihan, a British baron who moved in the sixties to the Philippines and is known as a drug trafficker, was indicted in 2013 for possession of cannabis, ecstasy and crystal meth.\n  \n    \n     \n      \n        0:58\n      \n     Tidal wave grips girl (10)\n     \n     \n      \n        1:15\n      \n     Chinese in thick container: \"Work harder!\"\n     \n     \n      \n        0:48\n      \n     Multiple explosives in a backpack '"

"In the past ten weeks, there were more than ten deaths from the geweldaddige drug war that President Rodrigo Duterte started since taking office. Duterte was elected in May after a campaign in which he promised to tackle crime and corruption and hard to deal within three to six months with drugs act and- users."

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