Danger 'asphalt brand in Four Days

Danger 'asphalt brand in Four Days

World July 19, 2016 08:39

- The tropical temperatures participants need to keep the Nijmegen Marches account asphalt fire. Therefor Weather Plaza warned Tuesday. Most hikers know that they have to smear, can set up a hat from the sun and enough to drink, but asphalt fire is a relatively unknown phenomenon.

,, Asphalt Fire occurs when the surface on which you run over extreme heats, 'a spokesman explains. It causes red spots, often at the bottom of the shaft.,, The heat of the asphalt causes slow but steady that your skin gets hot and therefore combustion occurs. '

The best remedy, according to him not to walk with bare legs, despite the heat. Calf rub with sunscreen does not help against asphalt fire.,, It is also cleverly arranged to look up the shade and where possible to avoid the asphalt. '
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Plaza weather forecast Tuesday in most places in the south and east is 30 degrees, and Wednesday even 34 degrees locally.

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