'Dan Cooper' scot

'Dan Cooper' scot

World July 12, 2016 14:12

seattle - After 45 years of research put the US federal investigation FBI finally draw a line under the investigation of the hijacker calling himself Dan Cooper. The man had a very special way of escape invented: he jumped with $ 200,000 ransom by parachute from the Boeing 727 he had hijacked.

That money, now worth $ 1.1 million, he got a few parachutes during a stopover. He threatened to blow up the plane if his demands were not met.

Cooper hijacked on November 24, 1971 the Northwest Orient Airlines flight from Portland in the state of Oregon to Seattle in Washington State. After his jump, the FBI set would take a yacht in which four and a half decades. Hundreds of tips were verified and heard dozens of witnesses. All in vain, according to the FBI.
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Over the years, the FBI agents came over more and more convinced that the hijacker was killed in his jump. Until 1980 5800 dollars of branded ransom was found in a repository. But then it was silent and Cooper found.

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