Dallas wakes up after 'terrible night'

Dallas wakes up after 'terrible night'

World July 8, 2016 12:24

dallas - Dallas wakes up after a night of violence against the police. A search of the police explosives to yield early Friday morning local time on nothing.

It was shortly after the shooting there is a bomb and the suspect who later committed suicide in the parking garage, said he had explosives. According to a spokesperson has the two police searches for explosives in the city, but both were unsuccessful.

Five policemen died Thursday night by the bullets of snipers from rooftops opened fire. Six other officers and a civilian were injured. Two killed officers now know the identity.
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Peaceful participants of the protest ran for their lives when the first shots were heard. At the demonstration were also many small children present. The streets of downtown Dallas turned then into a giant crime scene. Buildings in the area were evacuated.

Mayor Rawlings advised people to stay away from the area where officers searched for explosives. Large areas were deposited and public transportation was shut down. The commercial air traffic was shut down in the area.

'Our worst nightmare has come true,' said the mayor. 'This is a terrible moment for the city of Dallas. '

Police describe the attack as a well-planned 'ambush' that was aimed as much as possible to make victims among agents. Three suspects were arrested before the fourth committed suicide after an hour-long shoot-out with cops in a car park.

'They worked together from higher ground, strategically chosen points,' says police chief Brown at a news conference.

President Obama from Warsaw, where he is attending the NATO Summit, conveyed his condolences to the mayor of Dallas. He has pledged to assist the municipality in this 'huge tragedy. '

'We still do not know all the facts, but what we do know is that there is a cruel, calculating and despicable attack took place on the police. '

'We also know that when people walk around with heavy artillery weapon in this type aanvalen be more deaths. In the coming days we must also look at the reality. '

Police would not comment on a motive of the gunmen, but it closely resembles an act of revenge for the police violence of recent times that above average often affects African Americans.

Saint Paul (Minnesota) Wednesday was the 32-year-old Philando Castile in his car shot dead by a police officer who apparently thought he was reaching for his gun. His girlfriend made shortly after the fatal shooting a video with her phone when she told him what had happened. According to her wild Castile just get his driving license and he had let the agent know that he had a legal firearm. His 4-year-old daughter was also in the car.

A day earlier was in Baton Rouge (Louisiana), the 37-year-old CD vendor Alton Sterling shot dead by police. Bystanders filmed it. The images can be seen that white officers, the first black man to work the ground. Then calls one of the officers:,, He's got a gun '' to which the other shoots him in the chest with five bullets.

In other cities demonstrated against the violence. In New York, more than 12 people were arrested. In Chicago, protesters blocked a major thoroughfare.

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