Dallas police aback

Dallas police aback

World July 10, 2016 09:51

dallas - David O. Brown could barely one eye shut recent days. The police of Dallas is one of the toughest times of his life with. An excited police that five of its members lost by gunman Micah X. Johnson who slaughter with military precision through the streets of the Texan city attracted in the hope of white cops as much as possible.

The 55-year-old Brown, married to a former police officer, is African-American and a police chief that fought in recent years against discrimination in his corps, which is one of the largest in the country.

Brown was born in Dallas and since 1983 working as a runner and then climbing up to the top, there was great admiration for. Spearhead for him is that the relationship between agents and the public should be improved. His methods are often cited in the US media, and as an example considering how to lead a modern police force.
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It makes the additional crude that the gunman, a 25-year-old black American and former soldier who served in Afghanistan, especially in Browns Town Dallas struck and there are reprisals against officers carried out of anger after two new cases of police violence elsewhere in the country.

Nota bene by agents at that time tried to lead a protest of Black Lives Matter against the shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge in the right direction.

Brown expressed his emotional but also very combative after the attack and in between gave a sneer at all those people who criticized last week by police, and some threw what he regards fuel to the fire.

The Commissioner knows what he's talking about. And will often think back to this troubled times in the shootout with agents in 2010 which killed his own son. Brown had just taken office when it appeared that his son had killed a policeman and injured another man after he was shot by officers.

It was a very tough time and that's it again for Brown. It will probably take years before his corps has processed the attack. Psychologists are hired to ensure that such agents can tell their story. Six more agents are in the hospital.

Meanwhile, there is criticism of the way how the police shooter Johnson has disabled. According to some critics, it creates a dangerous precedent to do so with a robotbom. They fear that this will now happen more often, and perhaps heavier resources are deployed.

The agents, however, saw no other option because Johnson, who would sympathize with the Black Panthers and other radical African-American groups had entrenched would be placed in a parking garage and possible booby traps. He refused to surrender.

It would be the first time in the US that a gunman was killed by a robotbom. Authorities in Dallas do not want to discuss the use of the robot crawler, also known as MARCbot, which has controlled with microphone and camera remotely.

Meanwhile, the protests across America combat police violence, sometimes with some small riots but generally peaceful. It was also demonstrated at the private residence of President Obama in Chicago by members of the black community who believe that the president is taking insufficient action against police violence.

Police Unions and right-wing politicians accuse the president just to throw oil on the fire by pulling much too quickly the behavior of agents in doubt when a black prisoner is deceased.

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