Crumbling coast England: houses cleared

Crumbling coast England: houses cleared

World March 18, 2018 10:12

hemsby - Several houses on a cliff in Hemsby in the United Kingdom have been evacuated because they are in danger of falling into the sea. The approximately ten buildings can crash down by the crumbling coast according to the police. Snow, ice and strong winds significantly accelerate erosion on the East English coast.

In December 2013, five bungalows in the village in the English county of Norfolk had already disappeared into the sea, others were damaged. Originally those houses were further away from the coast.

'Five hours ago I had nine meters of garden- now it's gone,' said a resident after the evacuation against British media. Two years ago his house was still 90 meters from the coast. 'I hope for a miracle. '

The new cold spell, which the British have jokingly called 'Mini-beast from the east', also causes a considerable disruption to traffic in the country. Hundreds of flights and trains fell out this weekend. There were also numerous accidents.

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