Criticism of facial recognition Amazon

Criticism of facial recognition Amazon

World May 22, 2018 20:57

- Amazon, the world's largest online store, has to stop selling to the American police its software that can recognize and compare faces on the web.

Among other things, the ACLU, the American civil rights movement, has urgently requested the web company. The movement finds it inappropriate that a commercial company provides the services to the government.

The American Civil Liberties Union claims to have acquired marketing material from Amazon in several US states for the so-called Rekognition program.

The company claims to be able to provide face-to-face recognition of tens of millions of faces in real time, and to remove up to a hundred faces in a crowded crowd that meet descriptions.

Criticism comes at the moment when major technology companies are under fire from governments and the public because of their applications, especially after the revelations about the use of data from Facebook members.

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