Criticism of acquittal Princess Cristina

Criticism of acquittal Princess Cristina

World February 17, 2017 16:39

- The Spanish Government believes that Friday pronounced judgment in the case Noos, where Princess Cristina and her husband Inaki Urdangarin were, concerned that 'everyone is equal before the law and nobody is above the law.' That said government spokesman Mr Méndez de Vigo after the cabinet meeting. He stressed that the government does not comment on judicial decisions' but performs them. '

From the side of the Left Opposition was the acquittal of Princess Cristina, sister of King Felipe and daughter of King Juan Carlos emeritus, harshly criticized. 'We questioned this ruling. Based on these facts would be in 99 percent of cases anyone else who does not belong to the royal family have been convicted,' said Podemos Vice President Gloria Elizo. The United Left party said the 'Borbóns 'both under the dictatorship and democracy get away with their crimes.

There was also criticism of examining magistrate Jose Castro who did the whole research. 'I did not expect this verdict. It seems that Cristina has successfully held the silly during the process. Her formation as a wallflower helped her.'

Governing party Partido Popular saw no reason to complain about the verdict. 'The penalties are severe enough and do not give reason for concern. There read the verdict, but after,' said parliamentary spokesman Rafael Hernando.

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