'Crissy died in arms engaged'

'Crissy died in arms engaged'

World June 5, 2017 09:12

london - After the terrorist attack at London Bridge, it becomes clear who the victims are. At the bloodbath there were seven deaths and another 21 people at risk of life. The first victim named by name is the Canadian Crissy Archibald (30).

The Canadian family has stated in a statement. Crissy did volunteering in a homeless shelter before she moved to England for her. According to the BBC, she died after the attack of three terrorists on the London Bridge in her fiancé's arms.

'We are in deep mourning after the death of our beautiful daughter and sister. She believed that everyone should be unique and respected. She could never contain the horrific violence that has been committed to her, 'explains the family. 'Do voluntary work or donate to homeless care. Say that Chrissy sent you. '

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fears. 'The hate does not stop us. It only makes us stronger. Canadians stand next to the British, we will continue to work with our allies to fight terrorism and to punish the perpetrators. ''

Christine is one of the seven deadly victims. Terrorists drove on pedestrians on the bridge with a van. Then they used knives to make more victims at the nearby Borough Market.

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