Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

Tech August 4, 2018 21:28

- In the 90s there were two characters who always tried to outsmart each other: Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon. Crash the pouchbag and Spyro the purple dragon try again to stick out above each other, because Spyro wants to come flaming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. His age-old rival Crash Bandicoot, on the other hand, is a few steps ahead of him.

This owl chick, after a successful PlayStation 4 release last year, has a lot to do on Xbox One, PC and even the Nintendo Switch. You can get to work with a collection of the three best Crash Bandicoot games, even though those best games might be a bit too difficult for the little ones.

The title of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy betrays us a lot. It is a trilogy of three crazy games that revolve around Crash Bandicoot, a genetically engineered pouch. But the title never betrays that it is about a remaster of those games. And that is only right. Because the collection is so much more than that. Developer Vicarious Visions understands that we live in a bunch of polished titles nowadays and wanted to put down more than polished platform games.

The story in the games has remained the same and, as with many games from the 90s, fairly easy. In the first part Crash Bandicoot escaped from the laboratory of the twisted professor Neo Cortex and he sets out to save his friends and his girlfriend. The second and third part also follow Crash Bandicoot, while Professor Neo Cortex again has nasty plans and Crash imposes all kinds of obstacles in the form of bosses and numerous enemies.

Where the story has remained the same, everything has been completely adjusted for the graphic side. And that had to be done, because at that time pointed shapes and screens filled with pixels were still the most normal thing in the world. But that is no longer possible in this era. Moreover, Crash Bandicoot together with Spyro once formed the dragon the mascots of PlayStation. And then you can not come up with half work. So the games had to be lifted to a 4K resolution with smooth shapes, bright colors and smooth animations.

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