Corruption research yields billions of Saudi Arabia

Corruption research yields billions of Saudi Arabia

World January 30, 2018 17:27

riyad - The Saudi authorities expect that a large-scale investigation into corruption will certainly generate 86 billion euros. The authorities announced that they had made arrangements with businessmen and officials who had been detained.

The Saudi government started the anti-corruption campaign last November. Billionaires, princes and other prominent figures were arrested and detained. In the meantime more than a hundred people have become available. The authorities said that 56 suspects were still detained.

'The estimated value of the settlements is currently more than 400 billion riyal,' said the Saudi Attorney General. ' This includes real estate, commercial entities, securities and cash. 'The four hundred billion riyal is equivalent to EUR 86 billion.

Several people were stuck in a luxury hotel in the capital Riyadh. One source told Reuters Tuesday that they have left the building. A number of suspects would have been transferred from the Ritz-Carlton to a prison because they refused to confess guilt and make a settlement. They may later appear before the judge.

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