'Coring burglar 'turns sex toy

'Coring burglar 'turns sex toy

World February 1, 2017 13:57

bremen - Two police cars full of officers sped to the police Monday night to the home of a woman in Bremen. She had heard the sound of a drill and was terrified that there were burglars in her home.

The officers combed the area around the house from burglars but no trace was found. Once back inside, however, they heard the drilling noise.

The culprit turned out to be in the bathroom. 'He was lying in the bathtub, was blue-faced and trembling uncontrollably,' police wrote in a press release with a wink. 'That's my vibrator' the visibly relieved occupant screamed. After the 'intruder' was off, the police could inrukken again. Further forensics agents deemed unnecessary.

Police are asking people despite this perhaps embarrassing example of a false alarm especially to keep calling if they suspect danger.

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