Consumententak remains important for TomTom

Consumententak remains important for TomTom

Tech September 2, 2016 04:09

- TomTom continues to develop unabated consumer devices such as navigational tables, fitness trackers and smart watches, even though there is currently more money by selling services and products to businesses. According to co-founder Peter-Frans Pauwels, TomTom is sufficient demand. In addition, the division is important for the performance of products by developing and testing.

TomTom is becoming less dependent on the sale of appliances and that is the profitability of the company for good. Over the past quarter profit rose, while sales remained virtually unchanged. Thereby growing the divisions automotive and telematics (fleet), while sales of the consumer division has been falling for years. Consumententak the past six months recorded a negative operating result.

Pauwels is convinced, however, that this downward spiral can be broken. '' Especially with wearables we operate in a market that is growing by double digits. 'Also, TomTom According to him, the knowledge and the expertise in-house and has good contacts with major players such as Amazon and MediaMarkt for marketing consumer devices.' 'Then we have to turn the tide,' he said. ''As quickly as possible. '
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For Pauwels comes moreover as no surprise that for example the sale of the navigation tables declining for years. '' At the launch of the product of years we had already factored back that the product would be a temporary solution, 'said Pauwels. On an annual basis, the market for navigation tables still accounts for 7 to 8 million pieces. '' The decline is thus less hard than imagined. '

TomTom introduced Thursday at IFA techbeurs seven new products in Berlin. Never before were launched on that scale products. That, according to Pauwels also shows the importance that attaches to the TomTom consumententak.

The data that the navigation company collects through the devices are also used again to develop new products. This according to Pauwels comprises one division at the mercy of the other. '' And that remains the case. '

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