Consequences visa-free travel for Turks'

Consequences visa-free travel for Turks'

World July 19, 2016 06:09

brussels - The coup attempt in Turkey may also have implications for the proposed visa-free travel of Turks into the European Union. EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger said not to expect from German media that Turks already without a visa to visit the EU this year.

The EU and Turkey spoke earlier on that the country take back boat people. In return, the Turks would eventually allowed visa-free travel to the EU, provided the country meets all the conditions. Oettinger not expect to be given before the end of the year ahead for the abolition of the visa requirement.

Within the EU, sounding worried noises about the crackdown by the Turkish authorities following the failed coup. According to EU Commissioner at present does not seem that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planning the Concerns about the functioning of the Turkish state.
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