Congress is crucial for new president

Congress is crucial for new president

World November 7, 2016 13:39

- All eyes in the United States- and the rest of the world- are focused on the battle for the White House, but the president is not the only price to be forgiven Tuesday. The US population also votes for the House of Representatives and the Senate, and especially the composition of the latter body will be crucial, no matter who is president.

The House of Representatives and the Senate, the two chambers of the US Congress. Republicans currently have the majority in both hands. The House has 435 seats, which are on the ballot every two years. Senators have little job security. Each state has two and they are elected for six years. Another important difference is that not all Senate seats are at once forgiven. Every two years re-elected a third of the Senate.

The Senate must approve appointments of the President, not only for the government but also to federal courts and the Supreme Court. And especially the latter this year is crucial.

One of the nine judges, deeply conservative Antonin Scalia, and this year the Republicans have passed any attempt by President Obama to appoint a replacement stalled. And among the eight remaining judges are some way past retirement age. It is likely that the next president will choose several judges and thus will determine the ideological color of the court for decades. About twist apples as the right to abortion, gay marriage and the influence of money in politics chopped the Supreme Court in the past the knot.

Statisticians of The New York Times estimated the probability of a Democratic majority in the Senate on 53 percent. Other sources even reach 57 percent.

In the House, the Republicans naturally have the advantage, because there are constituencies with many Republican voters. Republicans are in the majority, although probably less likely a majority for the Democrats here mainly theoretical.

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