Complaints about irregularities referendum Turkey

Complaints about irregularities referendum Turkey

World April 16, 2017 18:00

ankara/istanbul - Turkey's referendum on extending presidential power Sunday is not without problems. The Republican People's Party (CHP), leader of the opposition, complained that the High Election Board (YSK) decided not stamped ballots accept as valid at the last minute. The leading CHP politician Bülent Tezcan said that the CNE has failed by allowing fraud has crept in the plebiscite.

The YSK website appeared a few hours a declaration of closure of polling that ballots which were not stamped would be counted by the official agency employees, unless there was evidence of any fraudulent activity.

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The rights organization IHD also noted irregularities. In five provinces observers would access to the polling stations have been denied. Moreover, in the provinces of Agri, Erzurum and Adiyaman voters are forced to cast their votes openly. The IHD also reported that in Erzurum and Van, have threatened in eastern Turkey, military and armed guards observers from the pro-Kurdish opposition party HDP and have kept their jobs.

There was also criticism on the state of affairs in the south-eastern province of Sanliurfa where in each polling station were two armed policemen. In the region where many Kurds live, the security measures were tightened. Guards but not always abided by the legal rule that they are at least 15 meters must keep the ballot box.

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