Communicate wirelessly with no data connection

Communicate wirelessly with no data connection

Tech November 23, 2015 15:15

- Since the rise of the smartphone we have become quite dependent on wireless data networks, such as the current 4G networks of different telecommunications companies. Scientists at TU Delft have developed an app that can be communicated wirelessly without data network.

The Android application Tribler is remarkable in several ways. First, it allows users to communicate with each other via Bluetooth and NFC. But what if someone else does not have the app? There, the scientists have also thought of : The app can also be sent to other smart phones through these channels. Then "sees" the application on what type of smartphone install it and apply it to themselves. This should allow it to be easily installed in any type theory Android phone. Finally, it is possible to share an Internet connection. Tribler has one user or contact a data network? Then, co-users connected can also make use of this compound. Tribler is still in an experimental phase and installation must also via GitHub, a site where developers can share their apps and code.

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