Commission calls eastern Europeans to mat

Commission calls eastern Europeans to mat

World June 12, 2017 20:54

- The patience of the European Commission with Eastern European countries who stubbornly refuse to cooperate in relocating refugees from Greece and Italy is on. On Wednesday an official procedure against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic will be launched.

That reports sources in Brussels. The countries should provide the Commission with text and explanations why they do not or do not sufficiently contribute to the inclusion of accredited refugees. Is the explanation insufficient then following a fine.

Poland and Hungary have included zero refugees, the Czech Republic twelve and meanwhile do not work anymore. For the Netherlands, the counter is around 1900.

Mandatory asylum quotas date September 2015 when the EU was flooded by refugees arriving with old boats in Italy and Greece. The idea was to distribute asylum seekers honestly across the EU countries, but the system has been hailed from day one, mainly because of the stubborn refusal of some Eastern European countries to work together.

For the Commission, the size is now full. Commission President Juncker was still in the Czech Republic last Friday but the noses did not get the same side.

Attempts to reform the European asylum system are firmly fixed by all disagreements. The Germans threaten to accept European subsidies, which eastern Europeans rely heavily on the willingness to incorporate refugees. However, this would only be possible after the end of the current EU budget cycle, which runs until 2020.

In Brussels, hope is in any case established on the revived French-German axis to relieve the difficult issue.

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