Column: Used mobile phone as new as new

Column: Used mobile phone as new as new

Tech July 3, 2017 10:24

- Until recently, it was very normal to search for a new smartphone with a new phone plan. Nowadays, this is seen as a loan.

Because, in case of a new phone subscription, the mobile phone is in fact not received but its payment has been processed in the subscription price, this has been a loan since May 1st. This leads to registration with the Credit Registration Office (BKR). This may have consequences, for example, if you want to quit a mortgage because the maximum amount you can borrow for a house sometimes fails to lose thousands of euros.

So it's worth looking at alternatives. The easiest option is to give your old phone a turnaround. A smartphone has a lifespan of five to six years, so replacement after two years is unnecessary. After an APK, the device can last for a number of years. Choose a store that offers warranty on repairs.

Do you want a new device? Look at the cheaper brands. Samsung offers great Android devices, but that also applies to Huawei and save you tens of euros.

Does the Samsung or iPhone do? Choose a refurbished copy. No second-hand device purchased from Marketplace, but a used smartphone that has been fully checked and with warranty. This way you get two-year warranty on Swoop on such a device and then it is checked at 54 points (hardware and software).

New costs a 6GB iPhone 6s memory € 599, via Swoop you already have a good copy for € 409. Almost € 200!

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