Column: Tablet with bells and bubbles

Column: Tablet with bells and bubbles

Tech July 24, 2017 12:21

- Suppose you do not use the computer much or are on your way: Do you need a laptop or do you have a tablet? The iPad Pro fades that limit.

The iPad Pro, released last year, has two versions: the 12.9 and the 10.5 inch. I would like to take the smaller variant to meetings or traveling so I do not have to go with a laptop. The tablet weighs only 477 grams.

Also, in the fastest way, the iPad Pro does not make up for most laptops thanks to the 64-bit A10X chip. Furthermore, the image is refreshed 120 times per second. As a result, the tablet responds during surfing and gaming, as well as on the Apple Pencil. If you pause on a web page to read, the image refresh will decrease to save the battery. The battery will last for 10 hours.

With the new iOS 11 driver, Apple will add features that we are used to in the coming fall. I have tried these before. For me, the new Files app is a result because you can get in one place with all your files in iCloud, Box, and Drive. Also, at the bottom of the screen, you will get the Dock, known from the Mac, for quick access to important apps. In addition, you can drag texts, photos and files from one program to another.

A big drawback remains that the iPad Pro does not have a USB connection, which makes it necessary for certain actions, such as taking pictures from a camera. As a second device, a good tablet like the iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (Android) is a great alternative.

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