Column: Mario is fighting with foolish rabbits

Column: Mario is fighting with foolish rabbits

Tech August 21, 2017 07:09

- The Nintendo Switch console does better than imagined, but the number of games is somewhat different. Fortunately, Nintendo can always rely on Plumber Mario.

Soon there will be two new games around game hero Mario for the Nintendo Switch: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (August 29) and Super Mario Odyssey (October 27). Especially the latter title will convince many gamers to buy the console.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a collaboration with game publisher Ubisoft, made me the most amazing at a Nintendo event. Not only is it fun to see Mario's world collide with the foolish rabbits, but it appears to be an exciting strategic game. With which you have to put down your pawns (Mario and his friends) as a chessboard to get the Rabbids back on track.

A Mario game does not seem complete without abduction of Princess Peach. In Super Mario Odyssey, arch enemy Bowser is determined to finally marry her. To prevent this, Mario travels to colorful locations to unravel secrets and collect manes. Assisted by the magic Cap Cappy who can take possession of people, enemies and objects and then drives them. For example, Mario can move as electricity, fight like a tank and play mini games. Super Mario Odyssey lets you play with the two, one being Mario and the other Cappy.

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