Column: Highest time for flight with drone

Column: Highest time for flight with drone

Tech June 19, 2017 09:54

- Composing and playing with model aircraft has never been really sexy. The hobby stays a bit in the same corner as playing with fashion trains.

Moreover, I do not want to express a judgment on these hobbies. 'Do what you like' is my motto.

Nevertheless, for model aircraft enthusiasts, there has been a way in recent years to get a level higher in terms of coolness. Forget about that propeller plane and buy a drone! Droning is hot and it is now an ideal time to start with.

For example, I recently spent a weekend with the DJ DJ Mavic Pro. This is a folding drone that you can take in your backpack. Once in a place where you can fly you can expand it and you are away. The control of such a thing is so simple that a child can. Literally: my four year old son thought it was nice to tear the drone back and forth (under my supervision, of course!).

But good, that's the place. That's not true! You can not fly over the built-up bowl, so you have to travel for a while before you can enter the air. And then you should also take into account air force bases and airports.

But if you fly, then the experience is special. Thanks to the built-in camera- of good quality!- Do you really have an eye in the sky? And with the made photos and videos you steal on Facebook and Instagram the show.

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