Column: Brain scientists

Column: Brain scientists

Tech July 31, 2017 15:36

- Ten years ago, the brain training games of Dr. Do not drag Kawashima games for the Nintendo DS. Now the series makes a comeback on the Nintendo 3DS.

Ryuta Kawashima is not a game person, but a real person. In 2007, I had to interview him in Switzerland. Then it turned out that the good man does not get the royalties for the games, but the Tohoku University to which he is connected. Wondering what will happen with the royalties for the new game Dr. Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training: Can You Keep Focusing?

Inspiration for this was Kawashima himself who thought he was behind his students. How well you can remember things and get acquainted with knowledge has to do with the capacity and functioning of your work memory. What does not help are all the distractions we experience today. You want to study or work, but then a tinker sounds because of a new app or mail...

According to Kawashima, concentration and work memory are training with his new game. The exercises are simple. You start with five-minute sessions, for example, to get some of them. Sometimes you have to write down the answer from the previous one to the new sum. That means that you must remember both the previous sum and the current solution. There is also a variant in which you have to fill in the answer of two sums. Pretty spicy!

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