Colombia crashed plane had enough fuel

Colombia crashed plane had enough fuel

World November 30, 2016 20:36

- The plane that crashed in Colombia had no fuel on board. According to a leaked audio recording. The tape is a pilot can be heard asking repeatedly for permission to land due to electronic failure and a shortage of fuel.

Just before the tape ends, the pilot says he is flying at an altitude of 2743 meters. Of the 77 people on board survived the crash of 6 Monday night.

Brazilian soccer Chapeco Armenian aircraft was en route to the final of the Copa Sul-Americana in Colombia when things went wrong.

Several Colombian media reports about the audio recording. This confirmed previous messages which insinuated which had contributed a shortage of fuel to the crash of the aircraft.

Previously had already let military sources told AFP know it was highly suspicious that there were no explosions in the crash. This reinforced the theory that there was no fuel on board.

Investigators have not said anything yet about the possible cause of the crash. The investigation is expected to take months.

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