Collect Whatsapp data through API

Collect Whatsapp data through API

Tech May 9, 2017 08:51

san francisco - It does not seem to be widespread to collect data from Whatsapp users. Dutch security expert Loran Kloeze shows in a blog how easy a data database can be collected, reports Tweakers. Kloeze uses an undocumented API.

The API allows the profile photo, status text, and status information (online or offline) to be retrieved. With Kloeze's script it is possible to do that for large numbers of phone numbers. For example, an image of usage over a given period can be obtained.

Facebook, Whatsapp's owner, has been informed by Kloeze, but the company does not see the collection of data as a problem. That's why Kloeze made his discovery world-famous.

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