Coffee shops no longer close automatically after shooting

Coffee shops no longer close automatically after shooting

World November 9, 2016 09:30

amsterdam - Mayor Van der Laan of Amsterdam stop systematic fencing off shot coffeeshops. Provided that the coffee shops to sign a statement.

From October 1, 2015 ten coffee shops have been the victim of an overnight bombardment. They were subsequently closed as by the mayor. The last two weeks the number of shootings took suddenly to. As many as four coffee shops were the brunt of the direct closures for three months.

The coffeeshop owners asked for measures to the mayor. He is willing to do. The 174 coffeeshops in Amsterdam before should have to sign a statement.

In that statement say to install a camera operator and a possible bombardment to close the case itself for one week. In this way, public policy can unwind. They further declare that they fully cooperate with police investigations into the background of the shootings.

Holding a coffee after a shelling out the statement then the mayor has the ultimate means to revoke the license tolerated. In that case there is no more marijuana and hashish are sold.

The coffee shops that do not sign, falling after a bombardment still below the current municipal policies to close the same for three months.

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